Manage your work in spreadsheets

Sametable is a simple way to manage tasks and projects on anything, and assign them to anyone, with the familiarity of a spreadsheet.

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A workspace consists of projects which in turn consists of tasks displayed inside spreadsheets.

Manage tasks in a spreadsheet

View and manage all of a project's tasks that are laid out in a spreadsheet.

Invite anyone to assign them as a task owner

Set due date, status and priority on your tasks, and sort them within a spreadsheet

Seamless navigation between a project's detail and its tasks

View a project's details and all of its tasks

Your tasks, all together now

All tasks assigned to you can be found on a single page Managing all of your personal tasks on mobile devices

Tasks can be assigned to you from different projects from different organizations. Access all of your tasks from one place.

Accepts tasks literally from anyone

Easily access and update all of your tasks' details

Write like nobody is reading

Write the details of tasks and projects in Markdown and rich text editor.

Embed CodePen

Automatically render Markdown in the same editor

Write details of projects and tasks in markdown and rich text editor

Finally, a management tool with zero upfront learning costs. Start creating, assigning, and managing work in a breeze.


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Unlimited workspaces

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Sametable is a refreshing alternative to:

Spreadsheet plays a prominent role in Sametable. Tasks are clearly laid out in individual rows. With a click on one of the table headers, you can get a pulse on a project by ordering its tasks by status, due date, or priority. It's that simple.

The spreadsheet is then complemented by embracing the venerable 'breadcrumb' UI element, enabling seamless navigation between workspaces, projects, and tasks.

Perhaps the most liberating feature in Sametable is that you can invite anyone talented outside of your organization by an email to join and work together in your workspaces.

Finally, you can enjoy writing details of projects and tasks in Markdown or rich text editor. Markdown are automatically rendered in the same editor(hope that wasn't a horrible idea).

With Sametable as your command centre, you won't be working inside an app. Rather, you will be doing your best work with the best domain-specific tools — Come back to Sametable only when you need to.